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HR strategic disasters have this 1 link in common...

In fact, the secret of success is linked to the quality and depth of the analysis and thorough understanding of the organisation, the HR function and the 'mood' of the stakeholders (both internal and external) as well as the organsiational macro position. These are just some of the areas for deep analysis that cause catastrophic problems.

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Is Byron Burger an example of HR Business Partnering gone wrong?

What would you do in this situation?

A great knowledge of the business and what it's customers are looking for is an admirable attribute to have as an experienced and well respsected HR function that has a great relationship with the a business and it's key decision makers.

Helping it break a fistful of moral ethics is probably considered just one major step too far. Especially to save a few buck on a fine. Will you be ever trusted again?

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Could you be a great Brexit negotiator?

As the time is to step forward and lead the way on Brexit approaches, what skills and techniques make for a top negotiator and influencer? Many things are at stake here...reputations, careers and political livelihoods, but would you want the job? Of course it's an opportunity to flag fly your influencing and negotiation skills but could you handle it ...

So here we put forward some hot tips on how to get the best deal (in any situation)....

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Are the limiting relationships with HR affecting organisational creativity and performance?

If relationships are key to the success of any organisation, do unhealthy relationships therefore block creativity, productivity and ultimately organisational performance?

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Are you wasting your time? Transactional vs Transformational HR

Have you ever thought your wasting your time? Many of us have, when we've hit our heads repeatedly against some seemingly impenetrable brick wall.

Despite desperate attempts and a great intention...we sometimes don't see where the most valuable projects lay. We get fascinated with HR initiatives because of the challenge or our experience. However these change and it's keeping up with solving organisational problems and dealing with the external challenge of people floating into that causes us all these headaches.

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Unhelpful 'labels' that propogate negativity and block creativity

Unhelpful Labels
Labels are forms of identification. They are the names you mentally call yourself in your head. They are the tags that you believe describe who you are. Labels can be positive or negative or somewhere in between but generally used in negative thinking they can restrict you from being your fullest potential. They do not honor the person you can be, they block your potential.

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9.5 things to avoid when dealing with multiple personality types

9.5 things to avoid when dealing with multiple personality types...

Dealing with challenging people is the big issue facing most people in organisations today, for some it's easy, for many, it's a constant battle to keep your cool...however, whatever weird and whacky behaviours your fellow human beings display, remember it's often about them, not you and if you react in an emotional way, it simply adds fuel to the fire.

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The HR Smart Leadership Toolkit - 4 principles and 4 ways to develop them

Smart leadership can seem daunting to many, especially in the field of HR and L&D because everyone sees what you do. You're under the microscope, constantly.

Here is our info-graphic on how to keep focused and how to develop those skills through 4 typical ways to learn (key learning styles).

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Do you consider yourself a Strategic thinker?

Strategic thinking is a key attribute of HR or L&D practitioners throughout the world, but are you truly informed in all the areas you should have a deep knowledge of?

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Email crazy? With 132 billion each day by 2017 has technology really swallowed us up?

In this artcile by this australian media group has banned internal emailing. Now that maybe a rather extreme reaction to an everyday problem but it makes us ask.. has technology swallowed us up? Can we tame the dragon?

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Has HR become so arrogant and self absorbed they've stopped caring?

In a recent YouGov and CIPD survey 48% of staff said they hadn't talked to their HR department in the last year.

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The biggest question facing Learning Functions right now? Analytics and Improving Human Development

Analytics for Learning and Development – Hard and Soft Data

The context of accountability and the need for marketing your L&D function to aid the process of survival and recognition, drives us to focus on using the measuring stick. Value? Everyone wants to prove what they do works.

Many argue against the very principle of it, but I can’t see the issue here. If you are going to invest (develop people and spend – in some cases – a shed load of money) then you need to check, a) you are getting value for money (whatever that means to you) and secondly it’s had the impact you intended, especially if it didn’t cost much to implement.

The first question is, what’s the point of gathering data? Everyone is beating the drum but a major stumbling block is that often we are stuck with outdated systems and processes or simply it’s non-existent.

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Money or Ego - which is the real root of all evil?

Previous mentions of mindfulness and the power of now are going to be abundant in these blog posts because they have become such a major focus of the real problems in human performance and productivity. Also our personal satisfaction and happiness.

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Is this an excuse to have a nap?

In this CIPD journal article, we see this business psychologist talk about time spent reflecting, meditating etc as a tool to become more effective, rather than looking busy. My question is, does it work, when is it relevant or is it an excuse to have a nap?

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Is our thinking literally killing us? What can we do to stop it?

Or at least making us very sick?

If you have ever read any of the well crafted work of Eckhart Tolle (the Power of Now) it might give you some insight into his rather radical views on thinking (or maybe not so far off what we are beginning to realise) and he certainly would agree with my headline.

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HR is invaluable! HR makes a difference (says Lord Coe)

We often take the self critical route and think we aren't doing enough or the right things but then someone comes along and reminds us, we can do some great things.

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5 tips on how to improve your HR analytics

Using data is the buzz skill in HR and (word of course). But is it here to stay?

Most definitely yes. People data has long the most sought after set of information, the holy grail of organisational decision making, to make choices based on data, real information.

We do it with our customers, but we've only played amateur games with it before, because we've never had real tools and no-one had faith in the information that came out of it and probably we didn't measure the right things. Absence of course is at the top of my list on this subject.

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