Thinking HR

strategic talent acquisition overview

Recent praise for the event:

"Wow, this really surprised me, Keith had many great insights to share" - Angela, HRBP, Jewellery retail.

"Incredibly insightful" - James, Recruitment Specialist, Food Manufacturing.

This workshop will take you step by step through the recruitment value chain. It will highlight recruitment best practices and showcase the most effective ways to hire the best people for your organisation. The workshop will be highly interactive, openly sharing top practical tips to make you a more successful recruiter and giving you the innovative tools and techniques to deliver added value to your business.



The War for Talent will always be with us. All organisations will always need to recruit the best people to grow their business and the competition to recruit the best will always be a challenging one.

To be successful, recruiters need to be able to recognise the sources of competitive advantage and learn which tools and techniques will deliver the edge over their competition.

Key Benefits 

This workshop will enable you to:

  1. Understand each step of the recruitment value chain and how you can deliver competitive advantage at each step of the process
  2. Develop a new recruitment mindset based on putting the candidate and their needs first
  3. Build your knowledge and expertise of new recruitment tools and innovative approaches to recruitment
  4. Practise some of the key skills all the best recruiters have at their finger tips
  5. Deliver more cost effective recruitment solutions and for your organisation
  6. Bring added value to your business managers and help them to become more effective hiring managers

Who Should Attend?

  • HR Business Partners who want to know how to maximise the contribution of their recruitment and resourcing teams to the growth of their business

  • Business managers who want to become more skilled hiring mangers

  • Recruitment professionals who want to understand how best to leverage their knowledge and experience to be even more effective in their role

  • HR generalists who want to get to grips with the challenges of recruiting talent in a competitive market